Saturday, 27 November 2010

Cutbacks to the West Midlands Police Service

The proposed cut backs in the Police service are not only going to impact massively on local communities who are going to see less Police officers around but they are also going affect Police morale.  Cutting over 2000 jobs in the West Midlands is not going to be achieved just by cutting ‘back office staff’ but is going to impact on the number of ‘bobbies on the beat’ which is exactly what the general public want to see because this more than anything else gives them reassurance.  In any event the Police forces were only urged, not too long ago, to use civilians to do ‘back office jobs’ in order to release Police officers to do the work that they should be doing and if there are now going to be big cut backs in the ‘back office staff’ then these jobs are going to have to be done by serving officers and this will further reduce the number that are visible on the streets.

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