Thursday, 5 May 2011

NHS Reforms

I have received a huge number of letters and emails from different people who are concerned about various aspects of the Government’s proposals and I have responded to everybody who has contacted me setting out exactly what my views are on the Government’s proposals.

The only people who can now stop the proposals are medical professionals and public opinion and although the Coalition say that they are now going to ‘pause’ and ‘listen to people’s concerns’ I suspect that what they really intend to is to try and give themselves more time to lecture the public on why they are initiating these unnecessary and destructive changes and, particularly so far as the Lib.Dems are concerned, to delay the Health and Care Bill until after the Referendum and local elections on the 5th May when they fear public retribution for what they are proposing. 

The conservatives have always wanted to ‘roll back the state’ and to undermine the founding principles of the NHS and their intentions were cynically revealed by Michael Portillo when asked by Andrew Neal on the BBC’s ‘This Week programme’ why the Government had not told us about their plans for the NHS prior to the election.  Portillo responded ‘because they didn’t believe they could win the election if they told you what they were going to do.  People are so wedded to the NHS.  It’s the nearest thing to a national religion sacred cow’.  This says it all!

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