Monday, 6 February 2012

Birmingham MP calls for supermarket watchdog in the next Queen's speech

Hall Green MP, Roger Godsiff, believes that the big supermarkets have grown too powerful and has written to the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, to ask him to introduce a Bill in the next Queen's speech to curb their powers.

Mr Godsiff said: "What we need is a watchdog with teeth; an adjudicator, that will ensure that the big supermarkets do not abuse their market position and potential stranglehold over suppliers, particularly in the UK.  It is now four years since the Competition Commission concluded as much and yet, we are no further forward with this matter and hence my letter to Vince Cable.

“We need a watchdog that has the power to launch investigations and fine supermarkets.  I have the feeling that governments of all complexions treat supermarkets with 'kid gloves' and ultimately it is the consumer and the UK producer which loses out to cheap imports, lower animal welfare standards and low-cost packaging, which the British consumer has to pay for to have disposed.  I do not believe that environmental impacts are top of the list of concerns for the big supermarkets in the UK because it hits the bottom line and that cannot continue".

Mr Godsiff concluded: "I understand that a draft Bill to address this matter already exists and has been road tested by not just one but two select committees; it is now time to implement these measures without further delay".

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