Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Roger calls for suspension of Atos assessments. “It’s just a benefits grab that destroy’s lives” he says.

Roger has added his voice to those calling for a suspension of Atos assessments following the death of Brian McArdle who died from a heart attack the day after his benefits were stopped.  

Mr McArdle who, having suffered a blood clot on his brain, was left paralysed on one side, unable to speak properly and blind in one eye and yet was summoned to an Atos work capacity assessment, before which he suffered a further stroke and was eventually informed he was to lose his disability benefits. 

Speaking from Westminster Roger said: “This wasn’t an accident waiting to happen, it was inevitable. I have never had any faith in the objectivity of the Atos medical procedure, it’s just a benefits grab.” 

Mr McArdle’s  13 year old son Kieran wrote to Atos to tell the company that their assessments `are killing genuine people like my dad’. 

Roger has signed Early Day Motion 687 and has joined other campaigners calling for 3rd December to be a day of remembrance for all Atos victims. 

·        More than 40 doctors and nurses working for Atos have been reported to medical regulators for professional misconduct.

·       One in five recommendations to find someone fully “fit for work” made by Atos is inaccurate according to new DWP statistics.

·       Employment and support allowance (ESA) appeals were up by 40% on the same quarter of last year, according to new Ministry of Justice statistics. 

Source: Disability Rights UK Updates Oct 2012

How to appeal the decision of an Atos medical in Birmingham:-
To complain about the way your Atos medical was conducted:-  

Write to or email: 

 Atos Healthcare, Customer Relations, Wing G, Government Buildings, Lawnswood, Leeds LS16 5PU or email quoting your name, NI number and date of your medical examination.



  2. Why does someone have to die for it to come to this? Absolutely tragic, we are a first world country and it should not come to this.

    Absolutely tragic state of affairs. Why won't people just listen to doctors?

    1. You may be surprised to find out this is not the first death. During 2010-2011 there were 32 deaths per week 2011-2012 the numbers increased to 72 per week. The mainstream press have ignored the facts in favour of the coalition of ba$tard$.

  3. When this gets written in history books - future generations will look back on this era and the only thing they'll be able to liken it to is the beginning of how early Nazi Germany started out. Denying vulnerable people their benefits [while pretending in some way that it's all for their own good] is tantamount to allowing them to starve to death, it's either that or people are taking their own lives. This can't be allowed to continue - we've seen how that doesn't end well.

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  5. I think we'll find out it's part of a campaign to make benefits inaccessible by making them impossible to claim, the point being to drive them into the arms of private insurers like the American company Unum who've been liaising with the DWP as consultants on welfare reform since the early 90s (as documented in Private Eye since the mid-90s). The UK is a multi-billion pound insurance market, no doubt Grayling and IDS et al will be suitably rewarded if it can be opened up. It's all about the money.

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  7. Many people are doing everything they can to try to help stop this and bring it to the attention of the public. The most vulnerable people in society - the one's Cameron pledged "would have nothing to fear if he became PM" - but since he became PM, have never been so petrified in their lives & with just cause.
    This has been going on over 2 years now & I cannot believe that Cameron and his cronies are getting away with what many feel would be Corporate Manslaughter in private industry.
    As an ex Civil servant who worked in Benefits for many years, I am horrified & disgusted that the people the system was designed to help are being fraudulently denied their entitlements. The Benefits system has been made infinitely more complicated over the last decade or so, on purpose in my view, to put people off claiming - and it does!
    What's happening now is purely to make Cameron look like he is doing a good job getting 'scroungers' off benefits and reducing the benefit bill to win back support. It's about getting anyone it can off benefits to make the figures look good. (Anyone who has worked in a government dept under a Tory government know they are masters of figure massaging).
    I believe that what is going on breaches Disability and Human Rights Laws, but keep getting fobbed off by the Government when asking questions. Their latest reply to me after refusing a FOI request asking why up to 73 a week are now dying shortly after being declared fit for work by this scam and why disability laws including EHR Article 27 Work & Employment are being breached - their response = their tests are unique to each benefit and do not relate to the Disability Discrimination Act - I feel that they are obliged to act within these laws with regards to Benefit legislation and administration and are not legally allowed to override them & make up their own rules - waiting for a response from the FOI Team on that one!
    Have been trying for about a year to get answers as to why this is happening, all I've received is fob off's, mis information & governmental spin - the same standard letters everyone who asks the same questions receives the same letter.
    I know some have reported it to the International Criminal Courts at the Hague, could ROGER GODSIFF maybe write to FATOU BENSOUDA - ICC PROSECUTOR too & help these peoples voices to be heard?? Until Cameron is made to stop causing the deaths of these people in a court of law - he'll keep doing it, then amping up the publics anger and perceptions to make it seem like all people claiming incapacity related benefits are scroungers pulling a fast one - a crafty Tory PR campaign that led to an increase in hate crimes towards the disabled.
    Someone needs to take this evil 'b' down and these people desperately NEED our help!

  8. Thank You for promoting our case

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