Saturday, 8 December 2012

Roger backs Leveson Report

Roger Godsiff has given his full support to the proposals by Lord Leveson for independent regulations within a statutory framework of Britain’s press. 

Speaking after the Prime Minister had rejected the main findings of the Leveson Report Roger said: “The Leveson inquiry has been the most detailed and thorough investigation into the way the press, particularly the tabloids, currently operate in the United Kingdom.  It has rightly highlighted the abuses and dishonest tactics which some newspapers have indulged in and it has clearly shown that the current Press Complaints Commission, which is hand-picked by newspaper proprietors, is totally inadequate to bring about meaningful redress for those individuals whose lives are torn apart by inaccurate and untrue press allegations.  I deplore the fact that the Prime Minister, having set up the enquiry and promised that he would implement its findings has now back-tracked on these promises and seems to be taking the side of those owners and editors in the press whose actions and illegalities have been so ruthlessly exposed by the Leveson Committee.

Lord Leveson, by proposing independent regulation backed up by statutory legislation, has done a great public service and I for one will be supporting these recommendations.”

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