Monday, 6 May 2013

Roger Godsiff Condemns HMRC Rip-Off on Premium Rate Phone Lines

Birmingham MP, Roger Godsiff, has written to the new CEO of HMRC, Lin Homer, complaining about the use of premium rate phone times and length of wait times for calls to be answered. Roger Godsiff said: “I am receiving an increasing number of complaints from constituents who have tax problems and who either have to wait ages on vastly expensive phone lines or who don’t get through at all. With pressure on family budgets from all directions it is unacceptable that individuals should be hit by large phone bills when all they are trying to do is sort out their tax problems. I would also add that many of the problems that people face are caused by HMRC themselves and massive reductions in staffing levels. He continued: “I have asked Lin Homer a number of questions but principally I would like to know how much money HMRC are making out of their current phone tariff and how long people are kept waiting. HMRC are not backward in coming forward to trumpet their success in increasing tax revenues, I am not alone in believing that this shouldn’t be on the back of a lousy and expensive phone service, people deserve better.”

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