Friday, 19 July 2013

Roger backs the ‘baby boomer generation’ to get the economy moving

Speaking to a group of retired people in his constituency today Roger Godsiff paid tribute to the contribution that over 50s were making to the UK economy. In particular he praised the over 50s, the ‘baby boomer generation’, for the contribution that they have made since the financial crises took hold in 2007 and the fact that the spending power of the 50s now account for almost half of UK household income and expenditure. Without this the UK economy would most certainly be in recession. “While the over 50s have, like everybody else, been hit by the financial crisis, their role in the economy is growing with them accounting for almost half of all UK household income and expenditure in 2012. Without the ‘silver pound’ spending power of the over 50s, which accounts for over half of UK household expenditure on food, health and recreation and culture the economy would, most definitely, be back in recession so we should recognise the massive contribution that this group are making to keep the economy afloat during this extremely difficult time.”

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