Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Roger supports decision by Co-operative stores to remove lads’ mags from sale

Roger has welcomed the decision by the Co-operative chain of supermarkets to remove “lads’ mags” from sale in their stores after publishers refused to put them on sale in sealed bags. Roger feels that it is inappropriate for such sexualised images to be on the shelves in high-street stores where they can be seen by children. Roger says: “I support the Co-operative’s removal of magazines and newspapers which contain graphic images which objectify women, and I hope that other retailers will take a similar stand. Such content has no place being on display in supermarkets.” The decision by the Co-op will see the removal of magazines Front, Zoo and Nuts, as well as the removal of newspapers Midweek and Sunday Sport. Loaded will remain on sale, after its publishers agreed for it to go on sale in a bag.

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