Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Privatisation of the Post Office

A thank you to those who have contacted asking for me to support the campaign to oppose the privatisation of the Post Office.

I have consistently voted against ‘part’ or ‘full’ privatisation of the Post Office both in the last Parliament and in this Parliament and I have no intention of changing my views now.  The Post Office is a valuable national institution and if it was run by people with initiative and innovation then there is no reason why it could not be a huge success.  I am also totally opposed to the interference by the European Commission which passed a ‘Directive’ a few years ago obliging all Member Governments to open up their postal services to private competition.  This has had not the slightest benefit to British consumers and is merely just another example of the European Union trying to impose a ‘free market policy’ on all Member Governments irrespective of whether individual states want to or not.

I have also added my name to EDM 1408 which calls on Royal Mail to uphold the current universal postal service obligation.

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