Monday, 14 May 2012

Roger Godsiff welcomes £5000 Crimestoppers reward for Emma Winnall attack

Roger has welcomed the £5,000 reward offered by the crime fighting charity Crimestoppers for information regarding the attack on the 94 year old, Emma Winnall who lives in Pensby Close, Moseley. 

Roger said: “The attack on this defenceless elderly lady while she was asleep in her home was absolutely outrageous and the individual, or individuals, involved must be tracked down and brought before the Courts.

The senseless attack was without any purpose whatsoever because nothing appears to have been stolen and in view of the fact that there appears to have been no forced entry into the property it would appear that the intruder may have had access to the property before.

The ferocity of the attack and the senseless nature of it is beyond belief and could only have been carried out by an individual, or individuals, who cannot be described as normal human beings.

I would urge anybody who has suspicions about who could have carried out the attack to share their information with the local Police or Crimestoppers as soon as possible.”

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