Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Winterbourne View - Birmingham MP says that we have a duty of care and cannot fail again.

Birmingham Hall Green MP, Roger Godsiff, has written to the Secretary of State, Andrew Lansley MP, in advance of the soon-to-be published review of Winterbourne View in an attempt to persuade him that the only effective way to prevent abuse in the future is to bring care closer to home.
Roger Godsiff said:  “The only way to prevent the abuse of those with a learning disability and behaviour that challenges is an urgent change to assessment and treatment practice and the closure of isolated large centres and a move towards more community based provision which enables families to offer greater support and monitor the quality of care”.
He went on to say: “I think that it has been proved time and again if in different areas of NHS care that what people appreciate most is receiving treatment in surroundings that are most familiar with close family and friends nearby.  Treatment such as this has also proved, when organised effectively, to be the most cost-effective in delivering good quality care and the best way to prevent future abuse to already vulnerable individuals."

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