Sunday, 21 October 2012

Obama or Romney – or does it matter?

When asked recently if the US Presidential Election really matters Roger said:  “There was huge optimism when Barack Obama was elected that there would be a change in direction of America policy both domestically and internationally.  Sadly this has not happened and many of his strongest supporters now feel disappointed and disillusioned. 

This is understandable not least because many of his problems have been caused because he has tried to reach consensus with an ever more right wing Republican Party. 

Nevertheless if anybody thinks it doesn’t matter who is elected President they might like to tune into Fox News – which I have done recently – and see their take on the American Election.  Fox News is the Murdoch owned mouthpiece of the religious, fundamentalist and Tea Party factions in America who are beating the drum for Romney and launching daily broadsides against Obama and the Democrat Party while masquerading as a ‘news channel’.  These people really are scary!”

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