Friday, 12 October 2012

Roger Godsiff slams British Gas for raising gas and electricity prices – yet again.

Commenting on the news that British Gas intended to increase both its gas and electricity prices by about 6% from the 16th November – adding about £80 a year to the average fuel bill – Roger Godsiff said: “Typical!!  The power supply companies have been ripping off their customers ever since privatisation of gas and electricity and here they go again.  British Gas last raised its tariffs in August 2011 when gas prices went up by 18% and electricity prices by 16% and then, surprise surprise, in January 2012 it cut its electricity prices by 5%.  Big deal!

All of the power supply companies will be increasing their tariffs this winter and the average duel fuel bill now comes to more than £1,300 a year.  More and more people are under huge economic pressure either by having no job; working part-time; or are in fear of losing their jobs while many retired people are feeling, according to Age UK, ‘extremely anxious’ about their heating bills.  These facts are of no consequence to the ‘fat cats’ in the power supply companies whose profits are huge and whose executives have no worry themselves about paying for their gas and electricity because their salaries and bonuses are so generous.  So called competition amongst energy supply companies is a ‘joke’ with tariffs so confusing that you would need a degree in mathematics to work your way around them.”

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