Friday, 29 November 2013

Roger signs up to ‘Save Birmingham Badgers from Culling’ campaign

Following on from Roger’s long-time opposition to the ongoing and extended badger cull, he has signed a petition calling for the ban of culls on council owned land and implementing local vaccination programmes.

Speaking from his Birmingham constituency he said: “The object of the petition is to ensure that Birmingham's badger population is as safe as possible from slaughter and that the already available injectable badger vaccine against btB is used in as many cases as possible”.

He continued: “There is already widespread concern that cull periods have been extended to meet targets and may have to be extended a second time in certain areas. It is widely known that badgers move to and from previously populated areas and that inadvertently they may be changing the goal posts in doing so. This petition is there to remind Birmingham City Council that it cannot just assume that council land is available to reduce the badger population.”

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