Sunday, 1 December 2013

Roger calls for support for people living with HIV or AIDS to mark World AIDS Day

Roger is supporting World AIDS day and calling for increased global access to antiretroviral drugs to help eliminate preventable deaths. The report released by the UN to mark last year’s World Aids Day found that of the 14.8 million people around the world who are eligible for HIV treatment, only 8 million are receiving it. There were also 2.5 million new HIV infections.

Roger says: “With advances in antiretroviral drugs, HIV is no longer a death sentence—at least for people living in rich countries. However, around the world people continue to become infected and to die needlessly due to a lack of access to medication and healthcare. I am supporting Word AIDS Day and calling on the Government to do everything possible to increase access to antiretroviral drugs in the developing world.”

In the UK, the last year saw the Government announce that the ban on people with HIV practising as dentists, midwives or surgeons is to be lifted from early next year. In addition, studies were released showing that people living with HIV can now have a normal lifespan.

Treatment can mean that people living with HIV are no longer infectious, and couples with HIV can become parents without passing the virus on to their children. However, people with HIV still sometimes face stigma and discrimination.

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